Pete Peru and Lord Tupelo’s: The Reeking Hegs

A group of happy Heggers display their purchases at a book fair held in April this year

The Reeking Hegs : The world’s first and only verified Arctic Gothic Horror.

The Reeking Hegs was published in July 2020 by Montag Press of San Francisco and is available from Amazon U.S., Amazon UK, Amazon es etc. It is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook form!!!


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Why buy and read The Reeking Hegs? Good question, best answered by some voices of people who just went and did exactly that.

Here are some quotes from people who have experienced The Reeking Hegs experience…

“…there is a case to be made for Superlative Wordplay. The prose is entertaining, filled with double meanings (“He came from a short but sturdy Indian race and was completely out of breath”), unusual but fathomable word choices (“I am as utterly despoiled as the out-of-date filling of a tuna mayo sandwich …”), and twists that occur mid-sentence (“The carver opened his gaping maw to reply but was cut short by a tidal wave”). Bruce Perrin

“It is Lovecraft having a Naked Lunch with Sam Spade as they pore over the Necronomicon, hotboxing in a steamer bunk while fatbergs drift past the portholes and Lewis Carroll practices Jabberwockian tongue-twisters over a riot-stolen PA next door.” Paul Miller, author “Ghostpuncher”

“This book, The Reeking Hegs was recommended by a friend, and is completely unlike anything I’ve read before, and is not something I would have picked up, had it not been recommended, but I’m so glad it was. It is surreal, kaleidoscopic and insanely compelling.” Martin D.

“The Reeking Hegs” is one of the strangest reading journeys I have ever taken, and also one of my favorite. It is a treasure, not just for its connections to oral traditions but also because of the way that it kicks out at the boundaries of what a novel can be in both word choice and storytelling.
As the narrator claims, this story shows “us things that were never there.” It’s the sort of writing that the blind were meant to see. On a sea of impossibilities you are swept away. Christopher P.

You can see all these quotes and more for yourself on any Amazon page. Just type The Reeking Hegs in the search window.

Buy me and get one!

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Hi, I’m Pete Peru (No, that’s not me in the pic). I’m a writer and co-author of The Reeking Hegs. I started writing many years ago with the ambition to become a published author, an ambition now realised with the “The Reeking Hegs”. I’m now working on a new S.F. project which I hope to see in print sometime next year.

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