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When doctors fly!!

I yet await the question; Why, in the name of all that has wings and is blessed with the power of flight, does the Flying Doctor choose to use the aircraft so wonderfully observed in the above photo? I, of course, refer to the Flying Doctor who makes but few but heroic appearances in theContinue reading “When doctors fly!!”


Prologue: Neither Covid nor the mental rigours which are part and parcel of any such undertaking as I prepare for my free-diving world record breaking attempt can prevent this. So, take breath and try to read all before I get to 104 metres on just A SINGLE LUNGFULL. In the true spriti of Dada theContinue reading “HEGBITES BACK!”


The year: 1990. I had been living in Catalonia (Spain to the ignorant) for 8 months. Easter had arisen. Lord Tupelo, expecting a searing heat situation, arrived for his first visit to my humble dwelling sporting his boar-hide shorts and fancy parasol. This visit had been carefully timed to coincide with my holiday from workContinue reading “Hegnecdotes: FIRE AND TURKEY AT SANT PONÇ.A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (IF ONLY…)”


From Rooters on the hot-spot co-respondent Lawd Tulepo. Message reads: CHURCH OF BONGO PLANS “BIG BANG” FOR HS2:   The first high-speed train to run the new HS2 line from London to Birmingham will be met by a giant drum, a Church of Bongo press release claimed today.   As the train speeds at 250mph through theContinue reading “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! CHURCH OF BONGO IN “BIG BANG” SHOCKER.”

The Reeking Hegs Hall of Fame rides again! Who put the raunch in the judge’s paunch?

Devotees and fans of The Reeking Hegs will, I am sure, have a good idea of the answer to the above question. Step forward another of our shimmering constellation of characters in the strong female characters category – Mammadamn Spuloperov! Famed throughout Ugzcyk for her therapeutic healing and Carnomancing prowess, the Mammadamn features in settingsContinue reading “The Reeking Hegs Hall of Fame rides again! Who put the raunch in the judge’s paunch?”

Tupelo’s ski-jump to leg endary Crysanthemum glory bid

LORD TUPELO’S OLYMPIC DIARY Urgent from our A.P./Rooters correspondent: In May 2021 Lord Tupelo was unexpectedly hospitalised, with his skin. He emerged three days later on prescribed steroids, and straight away started making appropriate plans. Diary entries follow: 3rd June. I suppose I’ve done quite well to reach the age of 64 before having to spendContinue reading “Tupelo’s ski-jump to leg endary Crysanthemum glory bid”

Pete Peru and Lord Tupelo present; Select Hegbites!

Here you will be able to read select moments lifted from the pages of The Reeking Hegs. Prepare yourself! Seighton’s the name – but just what is his game? Seighton is perhaps the only character to figure in almost every Canto of The Reeking Hegs (no sign of him in Canto 9), and isContinue reading “Pete Peru and Lord Tupelo present; Select Hegbites!”


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