Chameleon Death Squad: The story so far…

Some say this is Mr. Chris in a previous or posterior avatar.

Doctors Amazed

Medical professionals around the globe have professed amazement at the health benefits associated with prolonged sessions of listening to Chameleon Death Squad’s Aural Contamination Therapy’. Positives include a major increase in beer consumption, better shit eating preferences and a general all-round improvement in quantum mechanental health.

Potted History

The origins of the band are shrouded in mystery, but can be summed up thus: One day I was approached while minding my own business at work by one Harrogate Chris, a large and apparently menacing fellow who haunted the foliage and upstairs corridors of the place. I cowered in a dark corner, thinking that he might not have noticed me, but it was ME he was looking for.

Mr.Chris lays in ambush

H.C: Can you play guitar?

P.P: Yeh.

H.C: Wanna be in a punk band?

P.P: Yeh.

H.C: We’re called Chameleon Death Squad.


Soon after that we gathered together, the first Avatar of Chameleon Death Squad. Back then we played versions of other people’s songs; Pretty Vacant (Sex pistols), The Young Ones (Cliff and The Shadows), I only want to dance with you (Dusty Springfield), The sound of silence (Simon and Garfunkel)… to name a few.

That version of the band didn’t last. The drummer professed dissatisfaction with the musical content and the bassman advised against performing this in public.

Do not play these songs to an audience…

Chameleon Death Squad #2 arose almost instantly from the ashes of the original band. A new bass and drummer duo were incorporated – Guille 1 and Ürs von Wolfsburg. This band jelled and we began to substitute our own songs for the cover versions. We got along famously and really liked the new material we were putting together. We rehearsed diligently, got a dozen or so songs together and began gigging. Then the bassman, Guille 1, announced he was yet again to become the proud father and would no longer be able to form part of the band. A bittersweet moment for us all, but we wished him and his all the best and the search for a new bass player commenced.

The Squad #2. from L to R: P.P, Ürs von Wolfsburg, H.C, Guille 1

The honour fell to Guille 2, but this line up didn’t prosper. A nice fella and a good bassman, but G2 was in a deep schism scenario with his partner, up to his neck with work commitments and their dog…and lived just far enough away to make getting to rehearsals a bit off a pain. On top of all that…the Pandemic struck. It was a frustrating time of very few rehearsals, and socially distanced to boot. Eventually CDS and Guille 2 parted company and so the state of ennui lingered and we feared for the survival of the Squad.

Happily through a mysterious rhizome like substrata of ethereal contacts a new bassman hove to. Bill, from Grantham, Lincs.

With Lincoln Bill we have returned to the steadily diligent getting of it together, rehearsing regularly a bunch of songs that H.C. and I had now been playing for four years. To bring this part of the tale to a conclusion, Chameleon Death squad #4 played live on July 2nd to a small but appreciative crowd during the Festes Mayores of Sant Cugat.

You can check out some of Chameleon Death Squad’s music on Utube!!

Doctors around the globe have been astounded by the results obtained by subjecting members of the public to extended sessions of Chameleon Death Squad’s ‘Acoustic Contamination Therapy’.

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