Hegbits: Mr.Yick

The Ice Grotto

Mr.Yick. Ah yes…Mr.Yick.

Here you may get a taste of his fairly typical exploits, quoted from Canto 8, The Reeking Hegs,

The ice grotto was a fantastic warren of a place, frozen passages hung with stalagmites, sites and petrified bones. Góngolphin led the way with the ship’s lantern, closely followed by the eager Pensionettes and the boy, struggling along with his equipment…I just know I’m going to regret this.

All inhuman life is in here. Yick’s remains, embalmed with sluice and sporting only his gor blimey trousers, had been buried alive by a walking snowball with claws, and then frozen into a huge block of ice by Ray and his nephew…

Soon the melting in the grotto had us all knee-high. Yick’s torso gave cadaveric spasms as the ice cracked and popped. It ran like liquid glass and thawed into a crystal pool, and with one bound he was free, ready for action and rising with a riveting head…My foulweather friend fixed me with a sudden movement, a stiletto of ice at my throat.

“No progress can be made while there is a snake in the mat!” he growled. “It was you, erstwhile amigo mein…you say you wanted to go Hegs, then you have me rooted alive…by Bog, this here blade was forged for your black heart! Mactation time I mean, so speak up!”

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